Ciao! I’m Kay and I wear a lot of different hats.
I’m a project coordinator, business developer, and designer by day, an aspiring actress by lunch breaks and some nights, content creator and blogger 24/7, and now a recently engaged bride-to-be!
I love fast cars, I’m obsessed with Excel, and I have a soft spot for anything Italian (some of my family lives in the boot so I may be a little biased).
My go-to beverages are sparkling water, hot water with lemon, or a bottle (yes, a bottle) of cabernet, and I have a bizarre craving for soy sauce and ketchup.
Trying new things, making unconventional decisions and going after the unknown used to just energize me. Now that I’m a little older, they both excite and scare me, which I don’t think is a bad thing.
Although I have an unusual tendency to get blasé quickly, I have my “go-to” list of things that I find comfort in.

This is my passion project – something I actually started back in 2009, but haven’t had the chance, or the belief in myself, to cultivate it until just last year! Life is busy, and there are so many things that are constantly pulling for our attention…but finally, here I am almost 10 years later and busier than ever, spending every spare moment creating my little universe on cyberspace so I can share my experiences, lessons, ideas and random thoughts with you. I thank God for the cheerleaders in my life who saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself. And now, I’m grateful for every one of you joining me on this journey and excited to see how life will unfold!