For our first, and hopefully our only, Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple, I thought I’d do something extra personal and special.
My fiancĂ© loves watches. He has a pretty extensive collection, which I like to add to every once in a while :P, but I knew trying to find something unique that stood out from the rest of his watches wasn’t going to be easy! Enter Jord Watches!

Now, when I was first contacted by Jord Watches and heard that their watches are made of wood, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve never seen a wood watch before so that concept was foreign to me. Sure enough, I went to their site and not only were all of their watches made of wood, but their designs were stylish! I knew right then that I’ve found the perfect gift for Kel.

Needless to say, I was very excited about this collaboration. The style I picked out for him is from the Conway series, which is made of walnut wood and has a modern design. They also give you the option to engrave it, so of course, I went for it! What’s more unique than personalization, right?

We have a little saying that we’ve been telling each other throughout our dating period.
We say it to describe the more, the in-between, the width, the height, and the magnitude of “I love you.”
Because sometimes, an “I love you” doesn’t quite encompass the depth of what we feel in our hearts. It’s also a good reminder that, at the end of the day, that is everything.

And so, you can imagine how much I was looking forward to receiving this. Don’t you get even more excited for a package when you get something personalized? If you know me, you know the little details are very important to me. To say that I was impressed by what I came home to would be an understatement. The safe packaging, the box the watch came in, the fine engraving, and the custom knurling on the bezel were all beyond my expectations. They even included a microfiber cloth and preserve to protect your new watch. Like I said, VERY IMPRESSED.

So, I’m really excited to let you know that we have put together a super giveaway for you! We’re giving you a chance to win $100 that you can use towards your own unique wood watch for that special someone in your life (or a little something for yourself)! Are you one of the people who are like, “Well, I never win anything anyway”? I’m the same way, lol! Well, here’s the awesome part: all entrants will win a 10% off coupon code. So cross your fingers and give it a shot! This giveaway ends February 4th and the coupons will expire February 11th. GOOD LUCK!

You can see my gift-giving moment with Kel and detailed photos below! Enjoy~!
P.S. How stylish is my fiancé?!