I can’t begin to tell you how PROUD I am to collaborate with Border Line Store and wear this hoodie!

So, this last Christmas, my baby cousins from Italy were able to visit us in L.A. so we got to spend a lot of time together. We haven’t seen each other in years so we were pretty much glued to each other majority of the time. (I miss them so much and wish I could teleport them so we can all cuddle in my bed, Netflix and chill, and watch Stranger Things & Friends together). They both love Stranger Things so I got into it recently, shortlyafter they left; and I love Friends so they got into in when they went back to Italy, lol.

Anyway, I learned that the older one, Kyria (20), a full-time college student studying industrial design, started her own clothing line! Excuse me, WHAT?! She’s only 20! She started Border Line Store with her boyfriend and I was so impressed and beyond proud! She showed me their line, all the designs she’s worked on, and I was legit so upset that she didn’t bring me any. I told her we could’ve done some awesome shoots of their line right here in L.A.! I mean, how often do they get to come here?! Besides, it would look so awesome to have shots with some iconic L.A. backgrounds and even some of us together on their website, especially since majority of her customers are in Italy. Honestly, I just wanted to flaunt my baby cousin’s art everywhere! Gosh, I’m so used to referring to her as my “baby cousin,” but she definitely isn’t a baby anymore.

All the illustrations are hand-drawn by her, converted into a digital file and then printed. I couldn’t believe how many designs there were and I literally need to have them all. I got my order in the day they left (bummer), but I’m so glad I know about this now! I can dress up, but I’m a big “jeans and a t-shirt” kinda gal, too so I’ll be obsessing over this store a LOT. I get to shop AND support her work. WIN-WIN.

Shop around and get some cool gear if you’re keen! Use code KAY10 for 10% off, and you get free shipping with a $60.00 order, too.

Now that I’m obsessed with Stranger Things and totally fangirling over Millie Bobby Brown, it looks like there are some new items I must add to my collection, but this “I Need My Space” hooded sweatshirt is definitely one of my favorites! I mean c’mon… we all need our space sometimes, right? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

I’m so so so so so proud of you, Kyria! <3