My day usually consists of work, meetings, auditions and/or shoots, and if I’m lucky – a date night!😬 So, one of my secret beauty products that I have been loving recently & I always have with me is the Dove Refresh + Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo to give me an extra boost throughout the day.

I’ve tried a few different dry shampoos, but I like this one mainly because of the fresh scent. It doesn’t have that thick, heavy, overpowering scent that I noticed in other dry shampoos.

I make sure I spray it in my roots to give my hair some extra volume and spritz a little all over to keep my locks smelling nice and fresh! Besides, it just feels so nice after a long day.😊💁🏻

I got mine from Target for $4.89, but you can find this pretty much anywhere. Here‘s is the Target link!