Now that it’s finally December, I’d like to share some cute winter looks from Target!
Target has been one of my favorite places to shop, especially if I’m doing last minute shopping.

Few reasons why I love shopping at Target:

1. They have EVERYTHING in one place – women’s, men’s, shoes, kids, accessories, lingerie, etc.
If you’re looking for it, they’ve got it.

2. They’re AFFORDABLE!
If you’re really good, you can usually find a cute (full) outfit for around $100.

3. It’s super CONVENIENT.
In most stores, everything you’re looking for (clothing-wise) will be on the same floor. Instead of going from one store to the next, you can find what you need in one place. Not to mention, most stores are open late, so if you’re in need of a last-minute outfit – this is the place to go!

I’ve gathered a few pieces together and shared two ways you can style your looks.
And yes, E V E R Y T H I N G you see here – head to toe – is from Target!

Details will be at the bottom!

(If you’re in legit winter weather)
You can’t go wrong with leggings, comfy sweater, puffy jacket and boots.

(If you’re in L.A.’s version of winter :P)
Lose the jacket and add a pop of color with an accessory, like this blue mini backpack.